Philadelphia Donut Tour:
Move over Cheesesteak, Donuts are here

Philly is famous for so many things - the founding fathers, Rocky Balboa, Cheesesteak, but how many people talk about the donuts? Not many, until now! The Underground Donut Tour is here to celebrate the donut scene of Philadelphia. On this tour, you’ll visit 4 of the best donut shops in Philadelphia. A food tour unlike all others.

Have you had a hot and fresh donut right out of the fryer? Well, you better get ready because we start the tour with a bang. Starting on South street, we try some hot and fresh donuts followed up by a quick walk past Jim’s Steaks, a classic amongst cheesesteak aficionados. Up next are the best vegan donuts you’ve ever had. Never had vegan donuts? Trust me, if I didn’t tell you - you wouldn’t be able to tell. They are that tasty! Then we give a brief history of Philadelphia and its culinary and donut scene, which leads us to our third stop where we mash donuts and ice cream together for one amazing treat. Our final stop is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Philadelphia, Reading Terminal Market. On our Sunday tours, the route is slightly different, but no less tasty.

Tours run Friday, Saturday and Sunday year round starting at 11am.

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The Underground Donut Tour in Philly was a great experience! Neil was a fantastic guide as he navigated us through four different donut shops, as well as hitting some of highlights of Philadelphia’s history along the way. He was very funny and a great storyteller. We got to sample a few of the unique donut offerings at each stop and everything was delicious. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone with a sweet tooth!
— TripAdvisor Review
This underground tour is one you donut want to miss out one! Whether you are a local or just visiting Philly this tour is perfect for you. Our tour guide, Neil, was very energetic and passionate about the donuts and the unique history and culture of Philly. The donuts really were a form of art and heavenly! Highly recommended!
— TripAdvisor Review

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