New York Donut Tour:
The Big Apple Meets the Big Donut

There are so many amazing foods in New York City: pizza, bagels, pasta and now donuts. For years, donuts have taken a backseat to the other favorite foods on New York City, but no more. The Underground Donut Tour is meant to showcase all the best donuts in Manhattan and share them with the world. We’ll start in Chelsea at one of the original artisanal donut shops. Ever have a creme brûlée donut? You’re about to! From there you’ll learn about New York history and architecture while trying some of the best donuts New York city has to offer. We’ll stop by a totally unique donut shop that has a brioche style donut that’s amazingly tender and moist with flavors you’ve never tried before. From there, we’ll give a little history around two of Manhattan’s major landmarks - the Empire State building and One World Trade. Next stop is a “golden oldie” - a donut shop that’s been around for over 50 years. And finally, we’ll finish the tour in Greenwich Village where you’ll try an everything donut. You heard that right - everything…donut along with maybe one or two flavors for good measure. Trust us - this is a tour you don’t want to miss.

See you real soon!

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I went on the tour with my kids, 8 and 5, and we loved the donuts, the wonderful walk through the city and our warm and funny tour guides! Jenny was out of this world - knowing so much history and leading us through NYC stories and rounds of donuts! We enjoyed the discussion of NYC history, architecture, neighborhoods and of course THE DONUTS! We loved the variety and the challenge of picking a favorite! Everyone should splurge and jump on this tour!
— Heather V - TripAdvisor Review
This tour was amazing!! And every donut shop that we went to got progressively better as the tour went on. By the end of the tour, I had to force down the last donut because I was completely stuffed. And the absolute best part of the tour was the tour guide. She kept the group laughing and engaged so much that I wasn’t ready for the tour to end.
— TripAdvisor Review

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