Our First Blog Post!

Reasons Why Chicago is Similar to a Donut

Chicago is a remarkable city known for its theatre scene, it’s sky scrapers, and it’s pizza. For some reason, not many people associate the Windy City with this spherical delicacy, leaving us forced to create this list: Reasons Why Chicago is Similar to a Donut


  1. Donuts come in all shapes and sizes, Chicagoans also come in a variety of heritages, skin colors, religions, etc. Both Donuts and Chicagoans are diverse and delicious!

  2. Sometimes Donuts are filled with vanilla cream, sometimes the CTA is filled with exhausted workers, both take up a lot of capacity in a small space, and both bursting with flavor!

  3. Donuts are reliable. Donuts will always be there for you, through break ups and through sprained ankles, you can always count on a donut to cheer you up! Similarly, Chicago is always there for you, as the third biggest city in America, it isn’t going anywhere!

  4. Both Donuts and Chicago will help you make new friends! Meeting people isn’t always easy, but when you have something in common like a favorite treat or a shared city to live in, you will have a way easier time getting to know each other. Grab a donut and share it with a friend. Pay for someone’s train and get to know them. Before you know it, you have more friends than you can count!

  5. And lastly, through our company, Underground Donut Tours, you can get to know both the city of Chicago and Chicago’s Donuts in one single morning!