5 coffee shops for great coffee + delicious donuts

Ipsento 606
Ipsento 606 has a rustic, elegant feel with wonderful, natural lighting that fills the space. There is a good amount of seating and strong wifi. Highly recommend the Nutella latte + orange lemon donut

Wormhole Coffee
Wormhole Coffee screams fun 80s nostalgia. Upon entering, a lot of natural lighting pours through the windows. As you progress further into the Wormhole, the lightin becomes more dim. You will find things like a Ninja turtle, a metal DeLorean body resting on the back wall, and even little Star Wars toys. It has a unique and funky vibe but nonetheless a chill place to be a remote work space. Highly recommend the vanilla bean latte + maple chai donut.

Sawada Matcha
Sawada Matcha is a colorful and cute place where the music isn’t too loud. Behind these velvet curtains next to the coffee bar, you’ll find Radio Anago, a Japanese restaurant that only opens for dinner service. Seating is very limited, but once you are able to find a seat and get some work done, it’s hard to leave because of how cozy it is. Highly recommend the black camo latte + matcha donut.

Heritage Bicycles
Heritage Bicycles is the loveliest coffee shop in Chicago. You have a unique combination of a coffee shop + a bike shop where everything inside is so aesthetically pleasing. This place can get busy so be sure to snag a seat early! Highly recommend the lavender latte + old fashioned donut (from Do-Rite Donuts).

Dropshot Coffee Snack & Bar
The space here is perfect for working or simply hanging out with friends. There are lots of outlets and comfy seating where the interior is your classic twist on modern and rustic. It's in conjunction with the hotel/hostel Fieldhouse Jones. Highly recommend the vanilla latte + maple bacon donut (from Do-Rite Donuts).